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„…when we started our consulting business about 30 years ago, were the business environment and requirements of our clients completely different. Today you will be confronted by very fast changing world, where digitalization is the main driver for the change…”

– Pekka Stuckert CPS Consulting

Value Creation
through Smart Services

In the near future value will be generated mainly by selling services and digital content, so called smart services.

Increasing machine intelligence together with internet connectivity and digitalization of the complete business processes are creating the foundation for Smart Services.

We advise you how to develop Smart Services that help you to get more relevant data and quicker feedback from your customers or from your own business process. This will help you to build completely new service offering to your customers.

„…trust, conformity and commitment as well as right tonality in the communication are key success factors in the business…“

Industry 4.0 – Industrial Internet

You want to grow with Industry 4.0.

We can help you to understand Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

We can help you to find right partners for your Industry 4.0 project implementation through intensive technology scouting.

Big Data

We can help you to understand why Big Data is important to your business and how your data can create value.

CPS Consulting has at its disposal a portfolio of selected Finnish IT-, Software- and Hardware-companies, who are world class technology experts in the areas of Big Data, M2M-communication, Smart Services, remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and data security. We can use these companies to create specific solutions for you.

Our Service

Your business growth

„…when we started our consulting business about 30 years ago, were the business environment and requirements of our clients completely different. Today you will be confronted by very fast changing world, where digitalization is the main driver for the change…”

International Business Development

Our core competence is to develop new businesses between Finnish and German companies. We have several years of experience in international business development and in operating in both of these markets; we understand the mentality of the people and nuances of doing business as well as the technological strength and focus of both of these countries

We work together with several technology-clusters and industry networks both in Germany and Finland. In addition we have excellent relationships with several research-networks in both of these countries.

We can offer to you a safe journey to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands markets through our four-step service.

1. We help you to understand international business requirements for doing business in Germany and evaluate your own development needs to meet these requirements
2. We build together with you the market entry strategy and find right sales channels and partner companies to build up your local visibility
3. We help you with concrete marketing and sales activities as well as building your sales network
4. We build together with you sustainable business in the target market

„…we have built over many years a broad contact networks with industry partners, company decision makers, industry- and technology-clusters, research institutes, universities, public organizations, professional associations as well as good connections to policy makers. All these help our clients to gain faster success…”


Arvosampo concept is
developed by CPS Consulting

Arvosampo is a Solution Center Platform for small and mid-sized companies to work together in the international market. Arvosampo helps participating companies to offer their products, services and technical solutions to local customers. Currently Arvosampo focus on following technology areas: IoT, Smart Service, Digital Healthcare, Smart Home and Smart City

Local visibility is mandatory for small enterprises to build trust, show long term commitment and build direct communication link with local customers. Arvosampo helps to consolidate these activities for several companies and thus reduces the effort and helps to overcome the possible mentality differences between the market players.

Arvosampo companies can also participate in research and technology transfer projects that are supported and partly financed by public authorities.

Arvosampo concept is developed by CPS Consulting

Our References


„Our partnership with CPS Consulting started already 1994 and is still working well. CPS Consulting have helped us significantly to develop our international business and they have professionally helped and coached us in discussions with our customers and partners.”

– Markku Hietala, Kespet Oy

„CPS Consulting have made the steel market in the DACH countries transparent for us. They have organized several meetings with potential partners and also supported us during these meetings.”

– Esko Vattulainen, Ruukki Oyj

„CPS Consulting have helped me to find a good solution for Kirchhof continuation and to take over the ownership of the whole company. CPS Consulting are consulting and supporting us since 2006.”

– Horst Kaiser, Kirchhof Kanalreinigung GmbH

„We work together with CPS Consulting since 2008. CPS Consulting have helped us with the internationalization of our business and they have opened Finnish markets for us.”

– Ralf Wilkens, Wilkens Fenster und Türen

CPS Consulting

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