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Industrie 4.0 … IoT

“Digitalization will soon cover every sector in the economy and industry. In the near future the amount of connected devices will increase rapidly and the Industrial Internet (IoT), the German Industry 4.0,  M2M communication and Big Data are main drivers for this development.

At the moment worldwide only 3-4 % of the factories are connected in the data network. Based on the  Siemens forecast this figure will probably increase up to 75 % within the next ten years. Who will be the winners of this development? Big technology companies from US and Europe see here a chance to increase their market share in the IoT services and solutions. For the small proficient IoT companies this will be a huge opportunity to grow though building  collaborations with others. The main challenges for all IoT industry players are the standardization (who will develop the standards), the capacity of the data networks, the availability of the smart software / apps for digital services, the cloud data security and algorithms for big data analytics. How do we solve all the problems? We believe that collaboration between different market players is the only viable solution.”

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