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KESPET OY – Ahead of others

In May KESPET Oy participated the 10th International Trade Fair for Industrial Insulation Materials and Technologies. All leading international companies in the business and several material suppliers were at the place in Cologne. This time again a good-looking stand got lots of attention for the remarkable stand design and operations.
Industrial insulation is in change also in Germany. Hardening competition and low price level have caused discussions about updating the business and developing new innovations and processes. In international companies project operations it’s challenging to get quickly a common understanding between different business elds and project management in international projects. Many times comprehensive value chain thinking is missing. Even though many operators have invested in their own production and machinery, it haven’t helped to get suf cient cost ef ciency. Several companies have made or are making a decision about stopping their own local cladding production.
Various insulation technic material suppliers are developing new innovative products, which alone don’t pay enough attention to the actual process and contractors working at the site. For it’s side, KESPET Oy has during the years developed
a comprehensive and sustainable development supporting material service concept, which supports both contractor and main client. Noticing the whole insulation process, relating logistics and contractor’s needs, we get totally different security in time schedules and project costs.
KESPET Oy can consult the main client to nd the best technical implementation, where principles of sustainable development are taken into consideration. Contractor bene ts from KESPET Oy’s long experience as insulation business professional and gets the best possible support how to ef ciently use the comprehensive material service concept developed by KESPET Oy and this way save time and work power at the site.
Negotiations at the fair with different operators and engineers con rmed a vision that also in Germany and elsewhere in Europe there is a clear demand for material service concept developed by KESPET Oy. Company presentations and showing the history of concept development were taken positively at the fair.
Germans are doing and engineering their projects still quite traditional way. The weakest link in contracting is the contractor himself and bad communication and agreeing between companies (scaffolding companies and insulators) at the site. Many times aroused expectations and hurrying in the end are causing disadvantage for the project -quality and schedules are suffering. That needs a change.
KESPET Oy can answer to the change with it’s exceptional concept – being ahead of others already now.

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